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Thank you Martin,
useful clarification

> Am 22.04.2015 um 19:01 schrieb Martin Boyle <Martin.Boyle at nominet.org.uk>:
> Hi Kavouss,
> There seems to me that there was some confusion between us on the role of the NTIA and how the names proposal would address this. 
> The NTIA has a number of roles – identified in the document which went to consultation in December.  I’m sorry if I did not make clear that I was looking at NTIA’s role in letting the contract and its ability to terminate and re-tender.
> One key part of the CWG’s discussion has been focussed on separability – a role that NTIA currently has by virtue of its contract with ICANN for the role of IANA functions operator.  The contract approach allows the role to be reassigned in the case of the IANA functions operator failing to meet obligations and failing to remedy the failings.
> In the model in front of us today, at transition ICANN would take the NTIA responsibility for a contract with its affiliate (subsidiary) the PTI – where PTI is the contractor currently providing the IANA functions operator, the IANA division in ICANN. 
> The role of the CSC is to carry out the operational responsibilities associated with managing the contract.  Its role is quite limited in that it monitors performance against the agreed service level targets and works with PTI to ensure that concerns are addressed.  The CSC does not make the decision on the future of the contract.
> For other roles of the NTIA, we recommend:
> •             Discontinuing the third party authorisation of changes to the registries;
> •             Further work on dealing with appeals on changes to the registries;
> •             Using the CSC and PRF to process changes to service level agreements and other operational conditions;  and
> •             Using the CSC (and/or the PRF) to initiate discussion on structural or operational changes (the introduction of DNSSEC was the example I used) but leave open for the moment who might authorise change.
> (I might have missed something, so do not treat this as a definitive list.  There’s also a lot of detail I have not covered.)
> However, all of these would come back to ICANN to implement or cause to be implemented.
> Hope this helps
> Martin
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