[Internal-cg] Proposal approval and agenda for call #26

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I agree with Martin.  Like the ICG, other chartering organizations were
also seeking confirmation from CWG-Stewardship that CCWG-Accountablity met
their dependencies as a component of their review & approval of the
CCWG-Accoutnablity report.


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>Hi Alissa,
>Surely the accountability requirements will only be met if the
>CCWG-Accountability proposal is adopted?  Until then it is a conditional
>agreement:  if the draft proposal were to be adopted, it would meet the
>CWG-Stewardship's requirements.  Put another way, if one or more
>Chartering Organisation were to reject (or, for that matter, the ICANN
>Board refused to adopt) there is no CCWG-Accountability proposal and
>therefore the conditionality has not been met.
>We'll look silly if we send in the proposal a day or so before one of the
>Chartering Organisations rejected the draft...
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>Hi Martin,
>> On Feb 29, 2016, at 9:14 AM, Martin Boyle <Martin.Boyle at nominet.uk>
>> Don't we need to wait for the Chartering Organisations to adopt?
>No. The ICG proposal is explicit about this (on the front page and in
>every highlighted section). What we were waiting for was the CWG¹s
>confirmation, and we received that. Our proposal was not conditioned on
>any action by the chartering organizations.
>> Many a slip and all that...  It is only a draft until then.  The
>>CWG-Stewardship endorsement is an important, but not a complete,
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>> Dear all,
>> We have received confirmation from the CWG that the CCWG proposal meets
>>its requirements. Therefore, we are now in a position to approve our
>>final proposal for transmission to NTIA via the ICANN Board. The final
>>proposal, with edits made to the sections that previously referenced the
>>CWG-CCWG dependency, is attached to this message in redline and clean
>>form. They are also available on Dropbox:
>> We will ask for the ICG¹s approval of this final version on our March 1
>>call (12:00 UTC). Here is the proposed agenda for the call:
>> 1. Approval of final transition proposal 2. Update on communications
>> Feedback on the agenda is welcome.
>> Alissa
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