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Subrenat, Jean-Jacques jjs at dyalog.net
Thu Feb 4 15:33:36 UTC 2016

Thanks Alissa, I concur with your proposal.
Best regards,

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Dear Kavouss: 

Thanks for the clarification and your continued reporting to us on the developments as they occur. 



On 2/4/2016 9:18 AM, Kavouss Arasteh wrote: 

Dear Joe, 

Thank you very much for comments 

Nevertheless, there are issues that we, the ICG Liaison may bring to your attention resulted from Supplement Report .As you know CCWG has scheduled a f2f meeting on 04 March in Marrakesh. It would be good to reflect on the supplement and we, the Liaisons report back the ICG comments. 

By the way the extraordinary/ devoted call for REC 11( and its impact on Recs 1 and 2)was held today at 12,00 UTC, This meeting favorably considered the compromise package that I had submitted( jointly prepared by me and Beckie Burr) .That compromise is being posted on CCWG wikie / mailing list and Chartering Organizations are requested to provide their final comment for another call scheduled on Monday 08 Feb 



2016-02-04 14:25 GMT+01:00 Joseph Alhadeff < joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com > : 

I'm fine with scheduling a call when you guys feel we are best positioned to have the answer of CWG. That being said, I'm not sure what if any deliberation is needed if CWG says that their dependencies are satisfied. 


On 2/4/2016 2:12 AM, Narelle Clark wrote: 

The ICG certainly does not want to be the source of any delay. 

I thought we were going to schedule a call for both before and after ICANN55? 

Then cancel or keep as applies. 


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Subject: [Internal-cg] Fwd: [CCWG-ACCT] Update on Timeline for Chartering Org Approval of WS1 Recommendations 

Please take a look at the message below from the CCWG list as well as the formal statement from the co-chairs here: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/leading-into-marrakech-an-update-from-the-ccwg-accountability-co-chairs 

The CCWG is aiming to have its proposal ready for the chartering organizations to approve it before or during ICANN 55. In light of this, Mohamed, Patrik and I believe the ICG needs to do the following: 

(1) Plan to ask the CWG for confirmation that their requirements are met as soon as the CCWG proposal goes to the chartering orgs, and give the CWG a heads-up that we intend to do that so they can respond promptly. 

(2) Schedule an ICG call for March 1. Hopefully we will have heard back from the CWG by then and we can discuss approval of our final proposal then, but it will be before anyone is in transit to Marrakesh. We do not have to wait for the chartering orgs to finish our business. If the timeline slips, we can cancel this call when it gets closer to the date. (Alternatively we could confirm approval of our final proposal strictly via email, but I am assuming folks would prefer to do so on a call.) 

I would also like to ask the group to reconsider the idea of scheduling a conference call at the end of the ICANN week, if we can find a time with interpreter availability. If the CCWG timeline does slip a bit such that we have not yet gotten a response from the CWG by March 1, I do not want the ICG to be in a position of causing any additional delay. If we schedule a call at the end of the ICANN week to discuss approval of our final proposal, we have less risk of doing that. Otherwise it may get bumped to the week following ICANN 55, even if the CCWG proposal gets forwarded to the ICANN Board during the meeting. I firmly believe that every single day matters at this point. 

Your thoughts on all of the above are much appreciated. 


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Subject: [CCWG-ACCT] TR: Update on Timeline for Chartering Org Approval of WS1 Recommendations 

Date: February 2, 2016 at 11:53:16 PM PST 

To: "CCWG Accountability" < accountability-cross-community at icann.org > 

Dear Colleagues, 

Please find below for your information the note sent today to the Chartering Organization chairs, in line with our discussions during our meeting #82. 

This will be added to our correspondence section of the wiki. 



De : Mathieu Weill [ mailto:weill at afnic.fr ] 
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Cc : 'David Olive'; 'Steve Crocker'; 'Bruce Tonkin'; 'Theresa Swinehart'; 'Thomas Rickert'; 'León Felipe Sánchez Ambía'; 'ACCT-STAFF' 
Objet : Update on Timeline for Chartering Org Approval of WS1 Recommendations 

Dear all, 

Yesterday, the co-Chairs issued a formal statement updating the community on the status of the Work Stream 1 Recommendations and providing insight into the steps the CCWG-Accountability will be taking in developing the supplemental draft. 

Our hope is that the majority of changes from the Third Draft Report will relate to specificities of implementation rather than content, and as such, an additional public comment period will not be necessary before approval by the Chartering Organizations. 

In light of progress made and in assessing the outstanding issues, we have announced a target to distribute the supplemental report to our Chartering Organizations in time for consideration and approval on all Work Stream 1 Recommendations during ICANN55 in Marrakech. 

The various SOs and ACs approach their work and schedules differently and we are respectfully asking that you take this into account as you plan your discussions before and during ICANN55. 

With that said, we encourage any Chartering Organizations that can deliberate and/or approve the Work Stream 1 Recommendations prior to Marrakech to please do so. 

We are grateful for your input on the Third Draft Report and for your continued engagement in the development of the revised Work Stream 1 Recommendations. We hope to continue this open dialogue as the supplemental report is finalized, and we are also hoping that all potential issues have been raised to the CCWG-Accountability so they can be mitigated in our revisions. Our objective is to provide the Chartering Organizations a simple and straightforward approval process. 

Following approval from the Chartering Organizations, we have asked the ICANN Board to be mindful of the timeline as they plan their review period of the Work Stream 1 Recommendations and submission to NTIA. 

We have seen increased involvement from the ICANN Board as our work progressed since the Third Draft Report. By enabling us to understand Board comments in real-time, the following potential global public interest concerns stemming from the Board’s comments in December, have been discussed: 

    * Inspection rights have been fully addressed. 
    * Budget process concerns have been fully addressed. 
    * Work Stream 2 concerns have been fully addressed. 
    * Human rights concerns have been discussed and the group has adjusted its recommendation, however Board concerns still exist. 
    * Concerns on ICANN’s Mission are still being discussed. 

As always, please not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns. 

Best regards, 

Mathieu, Thomas, León 

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