[Internal-cg] Revised minutes from 6 Feb (F2F Day 1) and 8 April (ICG Call 14)

Jennifer Chung jen at icgsec.asia
Wed Apr 22 20:43:42 UTC 2015

Dear Jean-Jacques,

Your suggested edit has been incorporated into the attached and linked 8 April v4 minutes (page 6).


Best Regards,


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Dear Jennifer,

I suggest you add a few words in the amended part of the list of Action Items (SUGGESTED ADDITION IN BOLD):
"Action Item 2 REVISED on 20/04/15: SUBRENAT AND CLARK HAVING AGREED THAT THE MATRIX PROVIDED BY SECRETARIAT IS SUFFICIENT, IT IS NO LONGER NECESSARY FOR THEM TO PRODUCE THE REPORT MENTIONED ABOVE. Secretariat to add relevant data from the ICG assessment of the Names proposal, as well as any additional data necessary, to the questions/answers matrix for ICG approval.  This matrix can be published together with the final transition proposal. (Discussed on calls #12 and #14.)"

Thank you.

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Dear All, 

As requested on the recently concluded ICG Call 15, attached and linked are the revised minutes (6 Feb and 8 April): 

6 Feb v. final-KAamendment 

- Per Kavouss’ request, wording changes have been made to page 3, first bullet point. 

- https://www.dropbox.com/s/xtidwl19huupp99/minutes-fourth-f2f-meeting-day1-6-february-2015-final-KAamendment.docx?dl=0 

8 April v.3 

- Per Jean-Jacques’ request, notes have been added to page 2, and the full text of the revised Action Item added to page 6. 

- https://www.dropbox.com/s/q1hd4ui210xx2jq/minutes-teleconference-8-april-2015-draft-v3.docx?dl=0 

Please let me know if these sets of minutes are approved for publishing. 

Best Regards, 

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