[Internal-cg] Statement regarding transition

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Mon Oct 3 10:50:46 UTC 2016

Nice photo :) .. Thanks for sharing Daniel .. I also got chocolate with me today at work :) !!
Kind Regards

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On 30.09.16 14:54 , Joseph Alhadeff wrote:
> Our thanks should be for the collected effort and fine leadership, not 
> for a result beyond our control... :-)

That is true of course. But still the results count, especially since it means the ICG is finally formally finished. We never got to have the celebratory champagne all at one time. So I raise a virtual glass to all of you from Béziers, France.

I hope to meet each one of you at some time in future and to share an appropriate real glass then.

My sincere thanks to all of you and especially our chair-people for their excellent leadership. The operational communities have done an excellent job and deserve our collective thanks too.

À bientôt


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