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Sun Apr 3 15:33:20 UTC 2016

Dear Alissa,
I have asked them three times not only red line revision mark but cross
reference to CCWG Recs. .and ICG proposal which includes a combines
proposals from three communities.
I was waiting for this doc. till 1315 UTC today and made my week-end free
but I am  not sure whether I will be  able to read such a delicate, legal
and bulky doc.
I do not yet know the arrangements  in the
Bylaws coordination Team ,
I will let you know as soon as I get any additional info.

2016-04-03 17:27 GMT+02:00 Alissa Cooper <alissa at cooperw.in>:

> Thank you, Kavouss. Do you know if there is any plan to provide a redlined
> version or a list of the changes from the existing bylaws?
> I think we should say that if any other ICG members want to provide
> feedback from the ICG perspective, they should send it to the ICG list by
> April 11 at 23:59 UTC. That way Kavouss and Milton will have a bit of time
> to consolidate comments and take them back.
> Alissa
> On Apr 3, 2016, at 8:43 AM, Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>
> wrote:
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> Dear Alissa
> Deal Milton
> Deal All,
> On 1314 European Central Time, ,1114 UTC, as a Member of Bylaws
> Coordination Group, I have received the following.
> It was expected to receive this draft Yesterday .
> I will start immediately to examine and prepare comments.
> No doubt I will share those comment  with you .However, due to the
> importance and critical cirsumstances, you may also wish to kindly send
> either to Alissa ,Milton or me your comment, if any, within the time limit
> specified in thext
> Regards
> Kavouss
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> Subject: [bylaws-coord] DRAFT NEW ICANN BYLAWS - 2 April 2016 version
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> ICANN at adlercolvin.com>, "Hofheimer, Joshua T." <jhofheimer at sidley.com>,
> "Mohan, Vivek" <vivek.mohan at sidley.com>, "Clark, Michael A." <
> mclark at sidley.com>, "Boucher, Rick" <rboucher at sidley.com>, Sidley ICANN
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> "McNicholas, Edward R." <emcnicholas at sidley.com>, Daniel Halloran <
> daniel.halloran at icann.org>, Amy Stathos <amy.stathos at icann.org>,
> "Boelter, Jessica C.K." <jboelter at sidley.com>, "Fuller, Miles" <
> wfuller at sidley.com>, "Tam, Tennie H." <tennie.tam at sidley.com>
> Dear Bylaws Coordination Group,
> Please find attached a document – DRAFT NEW ICANN BYLAWS (vers. 2Apr)
> (“DRAFT BYLAWS”) for your review and discussion. As you will recall the
> last full draft was provided to you on 18 March, with the promise to
> provide another full turn of the DRAFT BYLAWS for your review today on 2
> April.  The DRAFT BYLAWS attached is the current working draft among the
> legal drafting group.  There is also an Issue List attached, which are a
> set of additional questions and clarifications requested from the Bylaws
> Coordination Group.
>  We ask that you share the attachments with your CCWG, ICG and CWG
> colleagues who will be reviewing this during this critical work week
> *Recent Work* – During the past two weeks the legal drafting group, made
> up of Sidley’s team, Adler’s team and ICANN's Legal team reviewed and
> worked through mark ups and redrafts of the various sections of new ICANN
> Bylaws.  Also, we have held four separate meetings with the Bylaws
> Coordination Group during this two-week period asking questions and
> incorporating that feedback into the new draft.  There is likely to be the
> need for some additional discussions as we work toward a public comment
> version of the new ICANN bylaws.
> *More Work to Do* – There is still work to do on the DRAFT BYLAWS, in
> identifying and working through any remaining provisions in the draft that
> are not clear, finding any remaining open issues, improving the provisions,
> and polishing the draft before publication for public comment.  The legal
> teams remain engaged in review mode and are available for questions and
> comments during this period.
> *Legal Teams have not yet “certified”* – Since a) the Bylaws Coordination
> Group, CWG and CCWG have not yet reviewed and reacted to these DRAFT
> BYLAWS, b) there are still remaining open issues, and c) there is still
> review and polishing to be done by the legal teams – the legal teams have
> not indicated yet that the current DRAFT BYLAWS fully meets the
> recommendations within the Proposals.
> As we have indicated above there is still work to be done, including
> receiving the feedback from those reviewing these DRAFT BYLAWS this week
> before the legal teams will be in a position to certify the posting version
> for Public Comment
> *Next Steps* –
> 1)   *Now until 13 April* – members of CCWG, CWG, Bylaws Coordination
> Group, Board and ICG to complete review of these DRAFT BYLAWS and provide
> feedback to legal teams;
> 2)   *Now until 18 April*, (with particular focus during week of 13-18
> April) – legal teams to update DRAFT BYLAWS working in coordination with
> the Bylaws Drafting Group;
> 3)   *20 April* – posting date for public comment period for new proposed
> bylaws – with legal teams supporting that the new proposed bylaws meets the
> proposal recommendations.
> ———
> As before, we look forward to working with all of you in the coming days,
> to get ICANN’s Bylaws in the best form possible to effectuate these
> important changes.
> We hope these views of the documents are useful and that you receive them
> in the spirit that they are offered… to help all of us to be able to
> collaborate and work through these Bylaws changes in the most effective way
> possible — to enable the creation of a new and stronger, community
> empowered ICANN.
> John Jeffrey, Holly Gregory, and Rosemary Fei
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