[Internal-cg] Chairs/Secretariat coordination call summary

Jennifer Chung jen at icgsec.asia
Wed May 27 15:40:01 UTC 2015

Hi All,


Below is a brief summary of what was discussed on the coordination call just


1.       Re-number combined proposal

*        Secretariat to work on this, ETA to be circulated to
icg-admin at ianacg.org <mailto:icg-admin at ianacg.org>  later today.

2.       ETA for translations of the combined proposal

*        Combined proposal needs to be shared with full ICG for at least one
week to make sure everyone is on board

*        ICG Chairs to draft or discuss on list re language for a preface to
the combined proposal

*        No rush to get translations done prior to ICANN Buenos Aires (so
the longer ETA, 7 to 10 days plus a week will prevail - Secretariat to
connect with Alice further re this)

*        Translations can happen in a multi-step process if needed (i.e. the
preface can be sent later if we want the combined proposal translated first
- Secretariat to connect with Alice further)

3.       Public comment review tool (CWG-IANA matrix)/Public comment
sheet/Public comment page on ICG web site

*        Secretariat to use tool as a basis to process and aggregate public
comments coming in

*        Secretariat to find out (if possible) from CWG-IANA re how many
people actually used their public comment sheet to submit public comments

*        ICG Chairs to figure out/further discuss the format/language of the
comment sheet, matrix, and public comment page on the ICG web site

4.       Action item 2 from the last call ICG Call 16 re call
scheduling/doodling for July and Aug

*        Secretariat to forward email with the dates and coordinate with
Patrik re call scheduling and possible f2f meeting in September

5.       Decisions taken/Action item list edits for Call 17

*        Secretariat to edit as discussed on call (remove AI for public
comment sheet, AI 3 and 4 just about timeline graphic) and then circulate to
the ICG main list

6.       (Skype) Reminder about drafting agenda for ICG f2f meeting and
sending information to ICANN before June 1.


Please let me know if I have missed anything.


Best Regards,



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