[Internal-cg] Draft agenda for call #17 - May 27

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Fair enough ..
Thanks Alissa for both clarifications ..
Kind Regards

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Hi Manal,

On May 25, 2015, at 1:41 PM, Manal Ismail <manal at tra.gov.eg> wrote:

> Many thanks Alissa .. Sounds good to me ..
> I can see that we have only one call remaining, on Jun 10th, before BA .. 
> Should we start setting our BA f2f meeting agenda or do you plan to discuss it over email? 

We will discuss it over email and on the June 10 call. Much of it depends on what happens between now and then, so it will be easier to discuss if we wait a bit.

> On another note, reference the minutes of the 19th May 2015 teleconference, page 5 section 5, the sentence reading "She also confirmed that there will be an ICG wrap-up session during ICANN meeting on June 25.", is the wrap-up session on the 25th on? I got the feeling that the idea was not supported and have planned my flights accordingly .. Anyway, it would be helpful to know the planned time and length of this wrap-up session as soon as possible .. 

We are keeping the June 25 session on the calendar so that those who can make it will have space and time to work on any wrap-up items we may have from the week, but the meeting will not be decisional in nature. For example, it might be a good time for us chairs to work on a response to Larry's letter while we are all in the same room together. We realize that a lot of folks may not be able to make it since it also conflicts with other sessions they will need to attend.


> Kind Regards
> --Manal
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> Please send edits/feedback on the following:
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> 2) Emails to OCs regarding timing
> 3) ICG timeline
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