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Kavouss Arasteh kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com
Fri May 1 18:00:29 UTC 2015

Dear Milton
Thank you for reply
During the commenting period and untill we receive the formal proposal from
naming community ,we should not take i any position with regard to the
outside world ( outside from ICG) .However, should CRISP and / or IETF send
us their views on the draft and its implication, we could internally
examine , discuss those views.
Pls kindly consider that we are not acting on behalf of any OC and we
should not intervene in informal or formal negotiations between RIREs
,Parameter& Protocol on their existing MoU or SLA since this is outside of
our mandarte . We should be very very careful on our actions

2015-05-01 16:38 GMT+02:00 Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu>:

> I do not belieive that we ICG as a collegial body have been given any
> mandate to take any action in this regard unless OCs referred the complaint
> in question to us within the process of IANA transition process.
> MM: Are you saying that if we get a formal request from the CRISP team
> and/or the IANAPlan chairs to make this query that you will approve it?
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