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From: Kavouss Arasteh [mailto:kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com]

I have studied the whole sets of slides and not only those that you referred to in your mail.
Pls kindly identify the particular subject 7 issues on which ICG needs to make a statement

MM: 7 issues? We only need to address one: the fact that someone at ICANN is, in private negotiations, telling the CRISP team that fundamental elements of their proposal to ICG are not acceptable and must be changed.

Are we dealing with the rights of having separate termination of agreement between IANA OPERATOR ( I saw three different references to Numbering, naming and protocol operators )

MM: That issue (termination) is the immediate point of conflict, apparently, between ICANN and some of the operational communities. But we are addressing the process issue, not the substantive issue. As noted above, it is not legitimate for ICANN or CRISP to negotiate changes to the number proposal unilaterally and outside of the public, open transition process.

Who are these three  operators?

MM: I think you are referring to the 3 operational communities – names, numbers and protocols. In the short term, it looks like all 3 of them will use the current IANA department as their IANA functions service provider. But if they have the right of termination, then it is possible (though unlikely) that you will get 3 different IANA functions operators some time in the future. The current ICANN or PTI would have to really mess up badly for that to happen, but it is possible.

Are we dealing with the quoataion that  "NTIA suggests that anything which threatens to split the IANA functions would be difficult for them to accept ‐ so the idea that Protocols, Numbers or Names would have independent right of contract termination maybe troublesome to NTIA ?”

MM: No, we are not dealing with that issue. That was cited in the slide as an argument that someone in ICANN is using (privately) to try to alter the CRISP proposal. If that is a real argument, it has to be made publicly.

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