[Internal-cg] ICG Call #15: Attendance list and Chat Transcript

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Apr 23 14:15:47 UTC 2015

Hi, reading these notes, I see this from Keith:

“NTIA suggests that anything which threatens to split the IANA functions would be difficult for them to accept ‐ so the idea that Protocols, Numbers or Names would have independent right of contract termination maybe troublesome to NTIA ?”

I was not there for the full context, of course, so I may be misinterpreting, but on its face this is incorrect, in my opinion. I would like to know from Keith when and where NTIA suggested this.

Let’s keep in mind that IETF already has the right to “split” or terminate its MoU with ICANN and has had that right for 15 years through various iterations of the IANA contract. CRISP has proposed something similar.

Let me also remind us that this is a bottom up process and ICG has no business modifying or rejecting proposals based on what it thinks NTIA wants. NTIA’s criteria are public us and they do _not_ include any thing about splitting the IANA functions.


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Apologies, the attachment was missing to the last email.  Attached please find the chat transcript for ICG Call 15.



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Dear All,

Please find the chat transcript (attached) and the attendance roll call (below) for Call 15.  Please let me know if you note any discrepancies:

ICG Members
Kavouss Arasteh (GAC)
Paul Wilson (NRO)
Daniel Karrenberg (RSSAC)
Keith Davidson (ccNSO)
Alissa Cooper (IETF)
Jean-Jacques Subrenat (ALAC)
Jari Arkko (IETF)
Martin Boyle (ccNSO)
Demi Getschko (ISOC)
Jandyr Ferreira dos Santos (GAC)
Keith Drazek (gTLD Registries)
Jon Nevett (gTLD Registries)
Lynn St. Amour (IAB)
Michael Niebel (GAC)
Narelle Clark (ISOC)
Russ Housley (IAB)
Russ Mundy (SSAC)
Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (GNSO)
Xiaodong Lee (ccNSO)
Alan Barrett (NRO)
Lars-Johan Liman (RSSAC)
Joseph Alhadeff (ICC/BASIS)
Mary Uduma (ccNSO)

Elise Gerich (IANA Staff Liaison)

Kuo Wei Wu (ICANN Board Liaison)
James Bladel (GNSO)
Milton Mueller (GNSO)
Hartmut Glaser (ASO)
Manal Ismail (GAC)
Mohamed El Bashir (ALAC)
Patrik Fältström (SSAC)
Thomas Schneider (GAC)

Best Regards,

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