[Internal-cg] Summary of internally resolved questions re the Numbers and Protocol Parameters proposals

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Wed Apr 8 16:57:58 UTC 2015

If we look back at the discussion we had during call #12 that generated the action item, I think what people wanted was a report (in prose) that could accompany the final transition proposal to give an indication to the wider world of the issues the ICG discussed concerning each community’s proposal. So this would involve taking the matrix that the secretariat has produced and summarizing that information in report form. This is the task that I think Jean-Jacques and Narelle have signed up for.

Personally I think we could leave the information in matrix form and it would be just as good, in which case there is no further work for Jean-Jacques and Narelle to do (assuming the secretariat can add to the matrix when we discuss the names proposal). 


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> Jennifer
> This summary is good, I wrote my last message before I had seen this attachment with the summary of arguments.
> However, while this is excellent summary fulfills action item 2 from ICG call #12, I still am not sure what the action item #3 from call #13 is.
> --MM
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> Dear All,
> As requested by Jean-Jacques on the recently concluded call regarding this action item:
> ICG Call #12, Action Item 2: ICG to discuss and call for volunteer/pen holder on the internal-cg mailing list to consolidate information collected during the assessment process of the operational communities' proposals in an ICG report that can be published together with the final proposal
> Please find attached the chart consolidating questions and answers discussed during the assessment process for the Numbers and Protocol Parameters proposals.
> Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wad3entgv3dqr3m/Summary%20of%20internally%20resolved%20questions-v2.xlsx?dl=0
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> Jennifer
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