[Internal-cg] ICG minutes to be approved during ICG Call #14

Lynn St.Amour Lynn at LStAmour.org
Wed Apr 8 01:40:55 UTC 2015


On Apr 7, 2015, at 6:24 PM, Jennifer Chung <jen at icgsec.asia> wrote:

> 2.       ICG Call #13 minutes.  Please note that v2 is based on Mary’s edits, both versions are available on Dropbox.  See this thread for context: http://mm.ianacg.org/pipermail/internal-cg_ianacg.org/2015-March/000033.html .
> Call #13 minutes MU edits: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3wv2doe2695pdqp/minutes-teleconference-11-march-2015-draft-MU.docx?dl=0  (not attached to this email)
> Call #13 v2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uil19811906l4md/minutes-teleconference-11-march-2015-draft-v2.docx?dl=0

two short suggested edits (and not worth a drop box edit):

1 - Under 5. ICG future awareness/infographics/media messages, 
- 3rd bullet under discussion:

OLD: St Amour fully supported more assessable communication.    that should read:  St Amour fully supported more ACCESSIBLE communication, noting that it was important that we reach out to different audiences using all appropriate means."

2 - still under 5. ICG future awareness/infographics/media messages, 
- sixth bullet, the very last sub-bullet referencing my Adobe Connect Chat room comment was in support of Jean-Jacques Subrenat's comment above (begins: Subrenat emphasized that he saw no contradictions…." and makes more sense if my chat room comment is moved under that sub-bullet.  Could be edited to say:  "St.amour agreed with Subrenat stating that 'the entire ICG process…"


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