[Internal-cg] Fw: Communication Materials for ICG out reach

Mary Uduma mnuduma at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 7 19:16:59 UTC 2015

Dear Co-Chairs.

      On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:56 PM, Mary Uduma <mnuduma at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Dear Alissa,Welcome back from maternity leave and happy Easter to ICG members.I wish to ask if the Secretariat has been able to produce communication materials for out reach.  I have a briefing session with the Government of Nigeria tomorrow on the work of the ICG.Would any one object to my using the old power point documents on the drop box for the meeting? I am certain it needs updating  on timeline and other progress the ICG had made.If there is a new one produced by the Secretariat, I would appreciate it be forwarded to me today for a 2pm (Nigerian time) meeting tomorrow. I am sorry it is coming on a very short notice, I was just invited today to make a presentation tomorrow.
I would also appreciate any further advise from any member.BR.Mary Uduma

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